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CR, CRN Multistage centrifugal pumps

Technical Data : 
Flow Q: Max. 120 m3/h.
Head, H: Max 270 m.
Liquid Temp.: -30°C to +150°C.
Operator Pres.: Max 30 bar.

Application : 
The pumps are suitable for liquid transfer in:

Washing systems.
cooling and air-conditioning systems.
Water treatment systems.
Fire fighting systems.
industrial plants.
Boiler feeding systems.

Features and benefits : 
Wide range.
In-line design.
High efficiency.

DME,DMS: Compact diaphragm dosing pumps

Technical Data : 
Capacity,Q: max.48 l/h.
Pressure,p: max.18 bar.
Liquid temp.: max.+50 °C.

Application : 
The pumps are suitable for:

Injection of chemicals in water and waste
water treatment systems,washing sys-
tems,swimming pools and process plants.

Features and benefits : 
Precise capacity setting directly in ml or l.
Stepper or synchronous motor drive.
Full diaphragm control.
Stroke speed or -frequency capacity
Operation panel with display and
one-touch buttons.

NK Single-stage standard pumps

Technical Data : 
Flow Q : Max. 2000 m3/h.
Head, H : Max. 150 m.
Liquid Temp. : -10°C to +140°C.
Operat. pre.: Max. 16 bar.

Application : 
The pumps are suitable for liquis transfer in :

District heating.
Water supply.
Cooling plants.
Fir fighting.
Enviromental engineering. 

Features and benefits : 
Standard dimensions according to EN or ISO standards.
Wide range.
Rubost design.
motor range.