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S pumps: Supervortex pumps,single-or multi-channel impeller pump

Technical Data : 

Flow,Q: max.2500 l/s (9000 m3/h).
Head,H: max.120m.
Liquid temp.: 0 °C to +40 °C.
Discharge diameter:
DN 80 to DN 800.

Application : 
The pumps are suitable for the following applications:

Transfer of wastewater.
Transfer of raw water.
Pumping of sludge-containing water.
Pumping of industrial effluent.

Features and benefits : 
Wide range.
Operation with/without cooling jacket.
Submerged or dry installation.
Different types of impellers.
Built-in motor protection.

AP,APG -cast iron: Effluent and sewage pumps

Technical Data : 
Flow Q : Max. 1320 m3/h.
Head, H : Max 67 m.
Liquid Temp : 0°C to + 40°C.
Particle size: max.130 mm

Application : 
The pumps are suitable for:

Pumping large quantities of effluent and sewage water.
Liquid transfer in general.

Features and benefits : 
Wide range.
Wide field of applications.
Various types of impellers.

KP, AP,AP35B, AP50B-stainless steel Drainage pumps

The pumps are suitable for: 
  • Cooling Systems.
  • Drainage of flooded cellars.
  • Pumping of houshold wasterwater.
  • Groundwater lowering.
  • Emptying of swimming.
  • Pools and excavations.
  • Drainge of drain wells.
  • Emptying of tanks and reservoirs.
  • Max particle size@ 50 mm
Features and benefits :
Simple installation.
Service- and maintenance-free.
Optional :
AP35B and AP50B are suitable .
For instalation on auto-coupling.
Features and benefits : 
Simple installation.
Service- and maintenance-free. 

Lifting stations : Complete pumping station

Technical Data : 
Flow Q: Max. 95 m3/h.
Head, H: Max 14m.
Liquid Temp: 25°C to +140°C.
Operat. Pres.: Max 10 bar .

Application : 
The lifting stations are suitable in:

single and multi family.
Weeked cottages and summer houses.
small hotels.
Sewage system s in an open country.
Protection systems.

Features and benefits : 
Ready for installation.
Flixible pipe conection.