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SQ Flex : Renewable-energy based water supply systems

Technical Data : 
Flow,Q: max.90 m3/day.
Head,H: max.120m.
Liquid temp.: max.0 °C to +40 °C.
Voltage supply: 30-300 VDC or
1 x 90-240 V,50/60 Hz.
Instal.depth: max.150m.

Application : 
The SQFlex systems are suitable for
remote locations,such as:

single-family houses.
Farms and irrigation of greenhouses.
Game parks and game farms.
Conservation areas.

Features and benefits : 
Energy supply:Solar modules.
wind turbine,generator or batteries.
Simple installation.
Reliable water supply.
Virtually no maintenance.
Expansion possibilities.

Cost-efficient pumping.
Dry-running protection.